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Earn 20% commission on each order that your customers make*

Earn from Every Order for the Lifetime

Essentially, it’s revenue sharing. You introduce SohojeShikhi to customers that you think might be interested in the platform. And once they make their first order you get a slice of the revenue.
Sounds fair, right?

How to Start?


Register an affiliate account.

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Promote SohojeShikhi via your unique URL.

Earn Money

Collect your earnings from every sale your customers make on SohojeShikhi platform for the lifetime.

Benefits of becoming a SohojeShikhi Affiliate

  • There is no cap! Refer as much as you want as there is no ceiling on how much you can earn.
  • ZERO upfront cost! No investment needed.
  • Simple registration, takes 5 min to get set up.
  • Earn a solid 20% on every order your customers make.
  • Keep earning for the lifetime from each customer you refer.
  • Utilize the broad selection of creative and other assets available.
  • We automatically try to bring back all users that did not convert right away.
  • Get paid weekly to your Bkash/Rocket/Nagad account.

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