Section 01: Welcome to Sohojeshikhi

Section 02: What is Freelancing or Freelancing Career?

Section 03: Data Entry – Introduction Part

Section 04: Microsoft Excel for Freelancing & Industrial Work

Section 05: Microsoft Word for Freelancing & Personal Work

Section 06: Microsoft PowerPoint for Freelancing & Industrial Work

Section 07: Data Entry – Google Apps

Section 08: Web Research Data Entry

Section 09: Virtual Assistant & Admin Support

Section 10: File Conversion for Data Entry

Section 11: Web Scraping

Section 12: Skip Tracing – Basic

Section 13: WordPress Data Entry

Section 14: B2B Lead Generation

Section 15: Market Place Client Liver Project

Section 16: Ditto App for Quick Data Entry

Section 17: Camtasia for Basic Editing

Section 18: Adobe Photoshop for Data Entry

Section 19: Freelancing Market Place –

Section 20: Upwork Market Place

Section 21: How to get client/buyer outside market place

Section 22: Some Advice & get Student Feedback for this course

1.1 Become a Data Entry Pro with Freelancing Course